BLOW MOULDING PRODUCTION manufactures ventilation ducts, headlight washer fluid tanks and oil tanks

using modern and versatile blow molding technology systems with continuous extrusion and accumulation head, with closing force from 10 to 50 tons.

All blow molding machines are equipped with thickness adjustment systems and drilling and welding systems.

Anthropofomorphic manipulators are used for picking up the blow molding machines, removing the product and assembling the components.

Checks are carried out on products through optical image processors.

Process flow

> Blow molding

> Conformation to monitor material shrinkage

> Machining and welding in automatic machining centers

> Suction of processing residues with ionized air

> Assembly of components

> Leakage test and delta pressure measurement

> Check the presence of components with optical viewers

> Leakage test carried out on the air ducts inside the mold, before automatic cutting of the terminal parts